I am sending emails to every library in Indiana with photos of my books. To: Public Libraries of Indiana Hi, my name is Larry Reidy and I published my second book this year and finally received my order in the middle of August. Batesville Shooter and Friends is about gun reviews, gun safety, accessories, and …

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I have a new retailer listed on larryreidy.net, it’s Amazon. If you want to order Batesville Shooter and Friends from Amazon, go to larryreidy.net, click on retailers and Amazon website. You will be on my book page and do not pay any attention to delivery date. Amazon will post a delivery date of 1-2 months …

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Greensburg Motorsports

Greensburg Motorsports is the second retailer for Batesville Shooter and Friends and My Quest for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness from 1939-2019. Matt and Larry are doing a great job. Unfortunately, like most manufacturers, Honda’s production is not meeting consumer demand.

Book Signing

I have a book signing at the Batesville Liquor Company scheduled for Friday, September “10th” at 11:00 to 8:00, and Saturday, September “11th” at 11:00 to 4:00. Batesville Shooter and Friends is available for purchase at the Liquor Store.

Update on Batesville Shooter and Friends

Batesville Shooter and Friends will be shipped in August. My publisher, Orange Frazer Press, apologized for the delay and told me the printing company is working overtime to get books printed. It’s my understanding that Covid-19 caused so many small printing companies to close that the surviving companies are overwhelmed.When the books arrive, I will …

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